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pGrind - the best perfect world bot

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pGrind - the best perfect world bot

pGrind - the best perfect world bot

2014 and still going strong! We are now online and operating for 3 years (started october 2011). We aim to provide service for at least another 3 years!

pGrind is a perfect world bot to aid the player in staying ahead of the competition. pGrind can and will fight for you, save your characters life at that critical moment, buff your character at the right time, kill monsters only you select, loot gold and goods, buy/sell items of your choice and repair your damaged gear. It is compatible with the International, Malasian/Indonesian, Brazilian and Russian version of the game. It also supports 1.4.4 - 1.5.1 Private servers.

pGrind currently costs 29.95 EUR for 6 months. That's $40.68 (as of writing this) every 6 months, or roughly $0,23 a day. You can grind up to 15m a day, probably even more. 15m are about $3.50 - i'll leave it to you to piece this together :).

You may try it before you buy of course - you have three days trial time. Just download the bot, extract complete archive, start the executable with administrator rights (right click -> Start with Administrator), and press "trial" button.

The farming module is now included with the purchase price. You get two bots for one price now.

Buy with PayPal!

Download pGrind


Anti - Ban

pGrind is not one of these poorly coded 20 minute bots which will get you banned fast. It does not manipulate any game files, does not mess with your account and is completely undetected. It has several protection functions which checksum the client and will see if it's safe to use. If not, you are warned. It will also not dumbly press hotkeys like other bots - it will check the requirements for each action and only execute an action if you can currently. This way GM doesn't see a mindless stream of packets being sent. That being said, the bot does not press any hotkeys at all - you can chat while botting, minimize the bot without unfreezing, and still have total botting action!


pGrind can automate every aspect of your leveling or coin grinding. Select the mobs you wish the bot to attack, either by Name or just a certain ID, and press start. That's all it needs to get the most basic things running. It will now choose the most optimal mobs in your surroundings. pGrind also offers far more advanced options then other bots, and does every operation safely via memory.

Full vital support - we won't leave you hanging!

pGrind offers full,event driven vital support for your character. The bot can use MP/HP pots, Event candy, Elixirs, and skills to heal HP/MP. You can add unlimited vital events, all will be processed. The vitals intelligence checks if pots or skills are on cooldown prior to using them, so there will be no useless and dangerous pot fail spam, which could alert a GM to the fact that you are botting.

Full pet support

pGrind offers the best support for your venomancer or mystic pet out there. You can let bot feed, heal, resurrect, call and stow your pet depending on what's best in the current situation. For example, it will recall your pet when it returns from buying potions or selling. You can also make the bot wait for pet to attack first, before your character does. Along with the option to heal your pet to full HP after each fight, pGrind can ressurect your pet when it dies in a fight.

Gathering and Farming

Our bot can also , along with gathering what a mob drops, farm materials. All type of materials will automatically be gathered if bot detects them in perimeter, and you can create huge routes which bot will then traverse. You can also tell bot to exclude certain types of items. The bot will not attempt to gather quest materials for which you do not have the quest.


pGrind can interact with ingame NPCs. It can sell items, buy potions and repair. Items are sellable in groups, such as DQ and Weapons/Armor. In order to reach the NPCs, pGrind will fly to whatever NPC you specified within the bot. Selecting which one suits you the best is easy - all information about the NPC you want the bot to use is displayed for you.


pGrind can react to several events, such as timed item use, item/skill use after kill, heal events and pickup events. This is definable in bot and helps to make pGrind do exactly what you want it to do. For example, if you wish to do oracles, then you just have to tell the bot to use the oracle after each fight, and what oracle mob to kill. That's it!

Continuity/Back on death

Did your character die? No problem. pGrind will go back to town, rest until your vitals are fully restored, and then fly back to where you started botting. No more hassle with checking if bot is dead - pGrind does it for you.

Open Scripting API

pGrind is scriptable. This means that you will be able to write your own scripts for pGrind in order to quickly implement new features. There are numerous sample scripts included, and other users can help you with scripting if you need a certain one. Scripting enables, for example, mass opening of all sorts of packs, such as mysterious chip packs for rank equipment, normal packs, gathering of materials, combining shards... everything you can do ingame is possible with scripts.

License agreements

If you decide to purchase, you will need to enter your hardware ID into the field where it is required. After you paid, a key matching that hardware ID will automatically be sent to your PayPal email.